The Poetry of Alan Freeman

During the years of 1967 and 1972 I wrote a number of poems and a several short stories. I was between the ages of 14 and 20. Most of my poetry was influenced by love, desire, sex, the Moody Blues, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Moot the Hoople, King Crimson, and other such bands, and my inner desire for acceptance among my peers, while striving to be an individual, so some of these are really weird. That said, these were all written DRUG-FREE. No drugs, no alcohol, just a poetic, creative, and sometimes confused young lad.

Many of my poems may still be lost in my sisters' attic. She seems to surprise me with morsels of my past ever so often. I have managed to discover a few of them over the past year stuffed away in storage and deep in boxes that I have rummaged through while trying to make room for the present.

I know at least 30 or so of these have managed to survive some 37 years, and so I thought I would post them here, for my own sake of having them elsewhere besides somewhere where they can be destroyed and so that perhaps as I read and re-transcribe them, maybe I will find some understanding in them.

I will add a few of them a week as I find time to transcribe them. Ultimately I will have them all here, in one single place rather than scattered in old boxes to be ignored. So here on the evening of July 11th, 2004, I begin.


Love is beautiful
And that's no lie
I want to love you,
Until I die.

1969 Alan Freeman

Follow the Sun

Tell me why are you crying my love
Did I say something wrong?
I've been fighting in the war
And you've been patient for so long.

Helping this country stay a free land
War has never been fun
And I've been aching to hold your hand
But tomorrow I'll follow the Sun.

Tell me why are you crying my love
Can I sing you a song?
Every little thing I think about
Makes me want to come home.

Helping this country stay a free land
War has never been fun
And I've been aching to hold your hand
But tomorrow I'll follow the Sun.

1971 Alan Freeman

Cloudy Dream of Distant Lands

Cloudy dreams of distant lands
Carry me though the night
Magic warmth from your heart
Comforts the restless flight.

Endless miles of beautiful sky
Belonging to even you
Loneliness all around and as
Far as the eye can view.

A broken heart is nothing new
Even though it was intended
Once it's broken it's never the same
The scar is never mended.

Blue of the sky all around
And the green grass down below
Remind me of the odd places
That lovers seem to go.

1971 Alan Freeman

The Lonely Sea

In steady harmony, I'm floating on this sea
And the boats timbers are cracking silently
But no one hears them but me.

The salty green waves, the endless lonely days
We've been lost but it's all apart of our destiny
In a faraway land, someone is waiting for me.

I'm the boat, the boat is me
And we are lonely on this cursed sea.
I'm the boat, the boat is me
And we are lonely on this cursed sea.

Alone, we are alone, with no place to call our home
And the jagged rocks are our doom
Tell the Lord I'll be there to see him soon.

1971 Alan Freeman

The Day

Rain falls gently to the ground
A beautiful sound to behold
It reminds me of when you are around
Memories as good as gold.

Sunlight beaming from the sky
From around the clouds
Reminding me of you and I
And the word we've said aloud.

Sunset, the end of day
The stars begin to set in
Reminding me of when you're away
And the places that we've been.

Sunrise, a new day begins
Happiness fills our eyes
We say hello once again
Then at sunset, once again, good-bye.

1972 Alan Freeman

Don't Play With Love

I was walking down a lonely street
When I pass an old friend there
I didn't even look at her
I just put my nose in the air.

As she passed she spoke to me
But I pretended not to hear
A little further on down the street
I began to shed a tear.

Don't play with love my friend
It's no at all a game
As long as I live
I'll never be the same
I'll never fall in love again.

1970 Alan Freeman

A Song For Julianne

Well I've been searching over my past
Just to see what I have done
I've traveled to many places
And I've had a lot of fun
But from now on my traveling is through
There's nowhere I want to go; if I can't take you
Without you there's no use in all I do...
So I'll rest awhile.

Well I knew when I first met you
That you were meant for me
I think you had that feeling too
It's so very plain to see.
Well I've only been in love once before
No one ever knows what love has in store
But once again it's knocking at my door...
And it's open wide.

There's many times I've contemplated
While lying in my bed
I think of the times I've waited
And the meaningless thoughts in my head.
I've got to face life, I cannot run
It's so hard to face the many things to come
I've always lost more love than I've won...
But my luck has changed.

I sit in my room
Many hours every day
And many nights I watch the moon
Until it gently slips away.
I've tried so hard to understand what you say
Without you to lead me, I can't find my way
But I'm just so lost I will slip away...
In the dark of night.

1971 Alan Freeman (March 3, 1971)


What do you when all you say is taken as a lie?
What do you do when all you do, brings you closer to a goodbye?
What do you think when all you think seems to turn out wrong?
What do you sing when all you sing turns out to be the wrong song?

Who do you trust when all those you thrust turn around and spill the beans?
What do you do when reality is crushed and all that's left is dreams?
How do you live when every thing in life slaps you in the face?
And what can you do when all your dreams disappear without a trace?

I'll never understand the love hidden within your heart
You build up my dreams with delicacy, then you tear them all apart.
Can't you understand I'm lost and left without a thing
My only hope is that someday soon
You will finally fulfill my dreams.

1972 Alan Freeman

Not Responsible

I'm not responsible for what you hear
Or the places that you go
I can't control what reaches your ears
I can't know what you know.

I'm not responsible for what you see
Or what you choose to look at
Those things are of no interest to me
Why should I care about that.

I'm not responsible for what is told
About what you and I have done
For sooner or later the truth will unfold
You can't hide it from everyone.

I'm not responsible for the anger and fear
Hidden so deep inside
For I am aware of your tears
And tomorrow I will go as the tide.

1972 Alan Freeman

Some incomplete thoughts from about 1971:

"Her love is wanted but she don't care.
She's got big brown eyes and blonde is her hair."

"Your love is wanted
but you don't care."

"Your love is needed, you a"

"Your love is needed."

... And finally the flow begins...

"You know you're sweet
But our lips must never meet.
The summer wind blows your hair
You know I love you, but you don't care.

You've heard me say that you're so sweet
But I know our lips must never meet.
Your eyes are brown, blonde your hair
I can see your face, but you're not there.
I feel down, when I see it rain
It's nothing to you, you feel the same.

As you stroll along the shore
You think of me, not one bit more
You don't care about me
But I just can't believe.

I reach out and give you my hand
And together we walk along the sand
When I look at you I love you more
With our hands together let's walk the shore
When I look into your eyes
It make me realize
That never will I let my love for you die
I'll never do anything to make you cry.

1970 Alan Freeman

W23 Energy

W23 Energy, all around
It takes you up and brings you down
W23 Energy, flying straight
Brings you love, banishes the hate
W23 Energy, a new kind of gass
One little sniff brings you the truth at last.

Found deep in caverns beneath the ground
Is a new kind of energy we've all found
It rights all wrongs, clears all lies
W23 Energy, now everywhere it flies.

W23 Energy, coming left and right
Flying in the day and flying at night
W23 Energy, only priviledged can use
A new kind of energy, a new kind of news
W23 Energy, hope you find some soon
This new kind of energy is being mined on the Moon.

1972 Alan Freeman

Closer Look

When you're feeling down and out
And your mind is full of doubt
Take a closer look
Consider the details.

When all your friends turn the other way
And they have nothing to say
Take a closer look
Something is wrong.

When the truth is hidden by a lie
Don't sit down and cry
Take a closer look
And right the wrong.

When something isn't right
Shed the light
Take a closer look
And fix it.

Take a closer look
With an open mind
Take a closer look
And the truth you'll find.

1972 Alan Freeman

Only Words In The Sand

Only words in the sand
Washed away by the tide
Have any meaning.
For when they are crushed
By the foot of a wandering soul
Not even the thought is left.

1968 Alan Freeman

The Path to the Moon

The way to the moon is a tiny path
It lies within our town.
The little road is so very small,
It's nowhere to be found.

The people look away their days
To find the little road
Some people say that at the end,
Is a little pot of gold.

People that find it never return,
Where they are we'll never know.
But their lives are filled with happiness,
I wish that I could go.

1969 Alan Freeman

A New Place

Meet me in the night
We're leaving this ole town
We're going to a place
Where beauty is all around.

Look at this place once more
For we're not coming back again
We're going to a new place
To free our lives from sin.

The people here are evil
They live a life of shame
We're going to a new place,
A place we'll want to claim.

1969 Alan Freeman

Thirteen Steps Away
(written for Judy)

Thirteen steps away
I can hear the pouring rain
I can think of nothing to say
The President is half insane.
Down below red lights are blinking
The ship in the harbor is sinking
The bathroom light is beaming.

Now it's going on ten
I can hear no more commotion
The devil is sleeping on sin
The secretary makes a new motion.

The kitchen flowers have began to wilt
I know I'm not sing things
Maybe my mind is in guilt
My illusion is in more scenes.

Some coffee I am drinking
I've had a lonely day
But now in my mind I'm thinking
"Thirteen steps away."

In to the bed I will go
I'm so tired I can hardly see
I'll go to sleep real slow
But I guess that's the way it should be.

Cotton soaked in warm water,
Facial tissues drenched in paroxide
Alcohol fell in the toilet
A biscuit fell in the sink.

Run and hid your head,
Sharpen my pencil will you?
Nothing is worse than something that's said
I think I lost my shoe.

"Oh darn, I can't sleep,
Twisting and turning...
Oh what the heck is that...
At the end of my fingers burning?"

As I move my hand along,
I feel flesh under my fingers,
Very soft and very clear,
Very warm and very soft.

My hand is slowly pushed away
And then finger tips walk up my body,
And they are pushed against my lips,
I shake all over I know what they say

"Oh, it's you... is it,
You had me scared
I didn't know what it was,"
And silence once again.

She puts her hand on my chest
Her lips find their way to mine
I take my arms to embrace her
(All is fine.)

Don't have to worry
Now she's mine
Don't have to hurry
I've got enought time.

As long as she's beside me
Any time of the day
Don't have to worry
As long as she's thirteen steps away.

1969 Alan Freeman

Make Believe

Make believe I'm going insane
It's seven o'clock and I've missed the train
I've ben drinking and you know I'm high
Excuse me while I fix my tie.

Make believe you're all alone
I've lost my car and I can't get home
There ain't no need for a man to cry
So I'll just go to hot dog fry.

Make beieve that this poems a song
It wouldn't hold the charts for very long
I broke my toe and I think I'll die
I broke my toe because I kicked the sky.

Make believe that the sky is black
I lsot my head in a paper sack
I'm gonna quit now 'cos I'm feeling sad
But best of all I know you're glad!

1969 Alan Freeman

Beast of Beast

The snake rode to the lake
He's the beast of all beats
Let him have what he wants to take
With what he takes let him have a feast.

Let him drink up all his share
Then let him lie there in the sand
He doesn't have a single care
He thinks he owns this land.

It's a very hot dry day
He stoled the kings gold
But the snake he got away
And the king still hasn't been told.

When the king found out he said
"You must find him or you must die."
They found him at the river bead
And they kill him and there he lies.

1969 Alan Freeman

Dying World

The dirt is boiling dry
The end is growing near
Afraid to see the sky
No one noise can we hear.
Shadows of eveil, craw across the hills,
Nothing left to do
The moon is lying still
Feet burn
Hearts chur
Run Run Run
Nothing left to do but run
Sun Sun Sun
Don't want to see the Sun
I will be with you
The hounds are on your trail.
They'll lock you up in jail.

1969 Alan Freeman


Friendly people have smiling faces
You never see them frown
Friendy people with smiling faces
Never are feeling low down
Friendly people with smiling faces
You never see them around
Why can't you be a friendly person
Why don't you ever make a sound?

Sad people have sad faces
You never see them smile
Sad people have sad faces
Walk the floor mile upon mile
Sad people with sad faces
They just wear out the tile
So why don't you change your sad face
Come walk with me for a while.

A frown is not a smile turned upside down
If it were I would stand on my head
Have you seen my smile when you're around?

1970 Alan Freeman

I Saw You

As I gazed into the sky late last night
I watched the moon so very bright
Cast against a backdrop of stars
Each casting its' own seperate fire.

And though the misty cloudiness of night
There came another source of light
So gently it crawled across the hills
Down the valleys and into the fields.

And in a tea leaf trance I saw
The trace of light so gently crawl
And as the beam grew somewhat near
The scattered image grew very clear.

Then the figure came into view
The image I saw was that of you
Holding a lantern to light your way
Turn the hazy darkness into day.

I reached for you to hold you near
And touched your face to catch a tear
And then the lantern light died
And the stars and moon gently sighed

And as we walked another mile
The frown you'd worn became a smile
The stars and moon looked happily down
And the night air made a lovely sound.

1970 Alan Freeman

--- I'll transcribe more later, my fingers are tired. <GRIN> ---

2004 Alan Cole Freeman
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