My Audio/Video System

Those of you who know me, know that I am an 'electronics geek'. I've been called a 'gadget freak' too. My nickname in high school was ELECTRO. My nickname in the Air Force was BUTTONS. I will humbly accept both monickers.

At the early age of 14, I started hanging out at the local radio stations. I learned music and electronics. At 18 I began DJ'ing, later after the military I DJ'ed again at a major market radio station in the Nashville market, while obtaining a Mass Communications degree at MTSU. I then moved to Texas where I worked in radio for several years. I now write digital broadcast automation software for radio and TV stations.

I've always had a fondness for 'buttons'. The more buttons the more attractive I find the gear, as you will see from my pictures below.

Back in 1996, I created some software called Wintrax which allowed one to control up to eight four-hundred disc CD changers via a PC ( This was used in radio automation before MP3 and digital audio came along. Now I am ripping all my CD's to harddrive so I can have better control over them. I recently built me a new multi-media system (shown below). I will be writing software to control it, but for now I have cobbled together a number of current software products to make it work.

My system consists of a MXR-Over Easy Compressor/Limiter, A Pioneer dual cassette deck, a Multi-media PC (explained below), a Pioneer CD recorder, a Rane compressor/limiter, a Funk Logic Dynamicator, a Rane Swiss Army Mixer, a PSM mixer, three Pioneer PD-F1007 301-disc CD changers, a Pioneer DV-F727 301-disc DVD changer, a TiVo, a ReplayTV, a Panasonic DVD recorder with 80-gig HD. Oh and a Pioneer Home Theatre receiver amplifier.

The PC has a PVR-250 video recorder card (to record TV shows), a NTSC video out card (to allow the PC output to show on the projection TV), a digital audio sound card (6.1), a 9-in-one media card reader (for reading camera cards), an 80-gig hard drive with my music on it, a Memorex DVD +/- R/RW drive. I am using a combination of software such as MusicMatch, Wintrax, and such to control it right now while I rewrite my Wintrax software to do it all.


2004 Alan Cole Freeman