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Sunday, January 25, 1981
Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee

Hale Broadcasting sells stations

            Monte Hale, president of Hale Broadcasting Corp., last weekend announced the sale of Murfreesboro stations WMTS-AM and WKOS-FM, subject to the approval of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC.
            Total consideration for both sales was slightly over $3.8 million.
            “The opportunity to sell both stations proved to be just at the right time,” Hale said.  “I know I will miss the business, but it was just too good to turn down.”
            “I plan to remain active in the community,” he said, “and hope to continue as the ‘Voice of the Blue Raiders.’”
            WMTS AM has been sold, for a total consideration of $1.3 millon, to the McCreery Broadcasting Corp., of which veteran broadcaster John McCreery is the 100 percent stockholder.  WMTS is a 5,000 watt clear- channel station operating at 810 on the AM dial with coverage in Middle Tennessee and parts of Kentucky and Alabama.

Monte Hale (left) congratulates John McCreery on the purchase of two Murfreesboro stations, WMTS-AM and WKOS-FM.  The sale is subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC. (Accent Photo by Rick Mansfield)

            McCreery is known to many in the community as a former broadcaster at both WMTS and WGNS who returned to Murfreesboro in June of 1980 to serve as president of WMTS until the recent sale.  McCreery first came to Murfreesboro to work at WMTS in 1961, the same time which Hale began his local career as a Top 40 disc jockey at WGNS.
            “John has been a friend for such a long time and I am just as excited about him owning his own station as he is,” Hale said.  “And all of Murfreesboro knows what a professional John is and the community has been the gainer.”
            McCreery said he hopes to increase his station’s airtime from daytime only to 24 hours.  Otherwise, he said, he plans few changes at WMTS at the present time.
            McCreery began his broadcasting career as a disc jockey in La Grange, Ga. In 1959 and, after stints in Chattanooga and Columbia, the Nashville native moved to Murfreesboro to begin working for WMTS.  In October 1975, he moved to WGNS and served as the station’s operation manager until December, when he purchased an interest in WYGO AM-FM in Corbin, Ky.
            “My family and I have always loved Murfreesboro,” McCreery said, “and it’s a great thrill to return to WMTS.  We are looking forward to many exciting things that WMTS can do for our city and county.”
            WKOS, a 100,000 watt stereo station located at 96.3 on the FM dial and offering dual identification with both Murfreesboro and Nashville, has been sold to WKOS Inc., for a total consideration of $2,522,000.

            WKOS Inc. is a Tennessee corporation, which is owned by Thomas Armshaw of Greensboro, N.C.; Joe Wolf, a Los Angeles attorney and movie producer who has other business holdings; and Murray Moss, who is an investor and and president in a Los Angeles printing supply firm.  The three also own WROK in Greensboro, N.C. and KPLV in Pueblo, Col.
            Wolf, who serves as president of the corporation, was one of the producers of the movie “Halloween.”
            Armshaw, Wolf and Moss have indicated they hope to purchase four more Class C FM stations in the 25-to-50 market range in the next several years.  WKOS increased its power in early December and the station’s transmitting facilities are located near Gladeville and broadcasting from a recently constructed 810-foot tower.
            Hale said his immediate plans include resting and recovering from his recent surgery for cancer and continuing his association with MTSU sports broadcasting.
            Hale is a native of Alkol, W.Va.  He came to Tennessee in 1961 and was employed at WAKI in McMinnville.  He moved to Murfreesboro the same year and beome a disc jockey at WGNS.
            “I may have been known at the time as Murfreesboro’s first Top 40 jock,” Hale said.
            Hale worked for WGNS until June 1977, when he purchased WMTS AM and FM from Tom Perryman, Billie Perryman, and Mary Reeves.  Under Hale’s ownership, WMTS FM later became WKOS.

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