Alan's VHS Movie/Music Library
Last updated: Sunday 03/06/2005

VHS Movies A-L

About Last Night (Demi Moore/Rob Lowe)
An Officer & A Gentleman (Karen Allen)
Animal Instincts
Attack of the 50-Foot Woman
Back to the Future (Michael J Fox)
Basic Instinct
Beach, The
Bible, The (Burt Lancaster)
Big (Tom Hanks)
Big Lebowski, The(Jeff Bridges)
Big Picture, The
Big Town, The
Blame It On Rio (Demi Moore/Michael Cane)
Blondes Have More Guns
Blue Lagoon (Brooke Shields)
Boarding School (Natasha Kinski)
Bright Lights Big City
Carlsburg Caverns
Carried Away
Choices (Demi Moore)
Christopher Columbus
City Slickers
Clapton, Eric and Friends
Close Encounters 3rd Kind (Richard Dreyfuss)
Collins, Phil - Live at Perkins Palace
Contact (Jodie Foster)
Contender, The
Crooked Hearts
Dance Dynamics
Dangerous Woman, A
Dark City (Diane Lane)
Dream Lover (Kristi Nichols)
Everybody's All American
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (P. Cates)
Ferris Buellers Day Off (M. Broderick)
Field of Dreams (K. Cosner)
Fire On The Amazon (S Bullock)
First Knight
Five Corners (Jodi Foster)
Flashpoint (Kristop/Treat)
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Fogelberg, Dan - Greetings from the West
Forest Gump (T Hanks)
Fort Worth, The Texas Star
Fun with Dick & Jane
Genesis - Three Sides Live
Ghost (Demi Moore)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Good Morning Vietnam (Robin Williams)
Gulliver's Travels
Held for Ransom
Hide and Seek
High School USA
Hope Floats (Sandra Bullock)
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Hot Spot, The
Independence Day
Indiana Jones - Last Crusade
Invasion of Privacy
Iron Maze
Jackie Chan - Half A Loaf of Kung Fu
Jackie Chan - In Eagle Shadow First
Jerk, The (Steve Martin)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Ted Neeley)
Jurassic Park
Lady Killers
L A Goddess
Learning Guitar for Dummies
Lipstick Camera
Little Women
Lost In Space
Love Matters

VHS Movies M-Z

Meatballs (Bill Murray)
Mesmerized (Jodie Foster)
Mike + Mechanics - A Closer Look
Mission Impossible
Moonshine County Express (McCormick)
Mrs Doubtfire (Robin Williams)
Naked in New York
Nat'l Lampoons Vacation (C.Chase)
Natural,The (Robert Redford)
Night the Lights Went Out in GA
Paradise (Phoebe Cates)
Passing of Evil, The
Passport to Paris
Pilates for Abs - Kathy Smith
Pink Floyd - Pulse
Play Piano Overnight
Poison (K Whurler)
Pretty Baby (Brooke Shields)
Pursuit of DB Cooper, The
Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman)
Rescue, The
Rest of the Story II - Paul Harvey
Return to Blue Lagoon
Risky Business (Tom Cruise)
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves
Rod Stewart: Tonight He's Yours
Rome Adventure
Rose, The (Bette Midler)
Secret of Yolanda, The
Sensation (Kari Wurhler)
Shag: The Movie
Shocked (Jodi Foster)
Silence of the Lambs (Anth Hopkins)
Silent Fall
Single White Female (Jennifer J Leigh)
Sister Sister
Sizzle Beach
Sleepy Hollow
Somewhere In Time (Seymour/Reeves)
Songwriter (Willie Nelson)
Species II
Splash (Daryl Hannah)
Sports Illustrated 1993 Swimsuit Issue
St Elmos Fire (Demi Moore)
Star Wars - Phantom Menace
Starman (Karen Allen)
Startrek - Final Frontier
Startrek - Motion Picture
Startrek - Search for Spock
Startrek - Undiscovered Country
Startrek - Voyage Home
Startrek - Wrath of Khan
Strange Brew (Bob & D McKenzie)
Strapless (Bridgette Fonda)
Stripes (Bill Murray)
Stuntman, The
Taebo 8-Min Workout
Taebo Basic
Taebo Instructional
Thief of Hearts
Titantic (Kate Winslett)
Tomorrow Never Dies - 007
Torchlight (PS Martin)
Under Suspicion (LS Giacomo)
Wag the Dog
Waterdance, The (Helen Hunt)
What About Bob (Bill Murray)
What Dreams May Come (R Williams)
Winchester Mystery Mansion Explored, The
Women & Men
Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks)

Video-taped from TV:
Big Brother 1 (Entire Series) 2000
Big Brother 2 (Entire Series) 2001
Big Brother 3 (Entire Series) 2002
Big Brother 4 (Entire Series) 2003
Big Brother 5 (Entire Series) 2004