My Sisters and their Families
Glenda - Jennifer - Donna

Jennifer, Alan, Donna, and Glenda at Yosemite 2005

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Glenda Lee Freeman 1976 | Glenda and husband Phillip Vaccaro | Their son, Nathan Paul Freeman.
Glenda is 2 years older than me, my 'big' sister. She grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and
attended high school in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Glenda now lives in the Florida panhandle near Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola.
Glenda and Phillip owns and run a fishing boat. Nathan works with them.

Jennifer Elaine McCormack 2000

Jennifer - Cliff - Tabitha 2004
Jennifer works in medical insurance, Cliff works for Motorola and plays in a Nashville band
called The Tribe, in his spare time.

John and Donna with children Erica and Jack
Donna's family lives near Monterey, California in 'Wine and Garlic' Country; Napa!
Donna is my youngest sister, being about 10 years younger than me. She's a physical therapist.
John is with the California Highway Patrol.
Donna has two adopted sisters Benni and Noel, and two adopted brothers Con and Ward.

I am so lucky.
All of my sisters and their families are wonderful, beautiful, happy, and spiritual people.
There is so much love in our family. God has blessed us in many special ways.
We thank God so much; Thank You God.
And we thank our Mother's and our Father's.

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