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alan & tina's site
bio & photos
y-dna explained
by me for genealogy purposes
our genealogy site
from adam-to-freeman my children
brian and hayley
my sisters
and their families
my pictures
birth to now
brace yourself !

alan's poetry
1967 to 1972
what was i thinking?
wmts fm/am
1976 to 1980
oak ridge boys too!
wmts wkos sales
1/25/1981 - monte hale sales
stations to john mccreery
kpar-am/ kpir-am
lake country radio
radio software i wrote
featured on cbs 48-hours
(7 minute cbs video clip)
cd jukebox control
my software company
the lord's word
my favorite scriptures
i love - sonnet 18 & 29
detect fake reviews amazon
worlds' best hamburgers

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my audio system
my new media machine
dvd movies/music
my purchased dvd's
vhs movies/music
my purchased tapes
beta / vhs movies
stuff recorded from cable
my cds/albums
my cds
my entire song list
spreadsheet w/ 15,000+ songs
(takes a moment or two to load)
world familytree cd's
for family tree research

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kenneth allen freeman
my dad

mark tbone cole
my cousin
audio productions
my friend jim gilmore's site
dr medford
my dentist friend
dr alicia wilkerson
my cousin
jesse winchester
jesse winchester fan site
by steve alexander
the mind reader
psychic crystal ball
weird things
you should be without
weird mouse tricks
time for fun?
funk logic
crazy stuff for audio studios

ft worth star telegram
wbap-820 am
ft worth news talk

murfreesboro tn
dnj newspaper

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